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Love it

I was looking to pare down products and this does the job. It creates a great lather and does hair face body all perfectly.

Great for the face and body

This is great for both the face and body! I have really sensitive skin, and there is no dryness or irritation.

Awesome products

I ordered of couple bars for me and my teenage kids. They love it! Smells really good. Quality is excellent.

needed a skincare regiment for sensitive skin

First face wash to not irritate my skin, looked brighter after, and no break outs. i've tried everything from Fresh Soy cleanser, to Caudalie etc. this was much better for my skin.

Seriously amazing.

The lather is great and it gets your hair clean with no residue! It also isn't drying.

100 stars!

Id just like to give a big thankyou to Muck soaps being the company that has a soap that doesnt irritate my eczema but actually provides a little relief (finally)! For years I had to just accept that even the most "natural" soaps at the stores were still going to make me itch a little and that after care was always needed. Recently I havent even thought about after care because I haven't been itchy after getting out of the shower! I've got the most sensitive skin and I've never been this comfortable in it. I also love that I can pronounce every ingredient and that I know exactly what every ingredient in this soap is. That is a comfort that I have never know! I dont think I'll ever be able to go back to anything else because the relief is just too good to resist. Im the kind of person that LOVES to smell good but I realize that alot of the fragrances in soaps are what break me out or inflame my skin. This soap doesnt have any stromg smells except for the subtle fragrances that the natural ingredients provide. It's worth sacrificing your soap smelling good for your skin feeling good. Save the fragrance for the perfume bottle!

100 stars!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You have no idea how long I have looked for a body wash that didnt make the eczema on my elbows and fingers worse. For years I've had to deal with even the most "natural" soaps making me itch and just accepting that I'd always have to use a cream as after care. Recently I havent even thought of extra after care because afyer

My sensitive skin thanks you!

This has been a life saver for me. I have sensitive skin. I suffer from eczema and oily/combination skin on my face. For the past week I have been using this to wash my face and I have been pleasantly surprised that everything this soap claims is true. All too often the "all natural" soaps at the store have parfum and other unsavory ingredients that break me out or make me itch. This is not the case with Muck. Not only has the inflammation in my face gone down, Ive also noticed my skin tone is a little more even as well. The clay in the soap really makes for a wonderful face wash. My makeup applies like a dream after a wash with this in the morning and I have to touch up my powder much less than I used to meaning my skin is also getting the hydration it needs because its not over producing the oils to make up it. Id give it 10 stars if I could!

Great product!

After trying out a mini pack of your soap, I must say I am impressed. I like subtle scents that aren't overwhelming. Muck Soaps are a nice balance for my taste!

just as described

my girls said they notice difference feels softer smoother

There is no smell to them

Simple and effective

Cleanses the body without drying and irritation. Great soaps.

The soap is great, but just to expensive for one bar. My skin is soft, doesn't itch or look dry. Good product.


U can check me out on @glowasyouare on insta... I never expected much from this product but after only two uses I saw a brightening effect on my skin! And also calm down my rosacea!! Looking forward to trying this brand and this line out more❤️

Amazing little soaps

These soaps are so beautiful and made with love. Each one is handcrafted and not one is exactly alike! I highly recommend them

Favorite MUCK soap

One of my favorites, very moisturizing! Thank you MUCK.

So moisturizing

These soaps are so soft on your skin and super hydrating. My skin dint feel dry whatsoever and was super soft and smooth. Rarely a soap can do that but I love thes nourishing soaps. Also the texture is so pretty.

Mini, but MIGHTY!

Now almost 2 weeks of using the mini black bar after every tough and sweaty workout and I can honestly say I’m obsessed with the minis. I love trying new scents and skincare, so the minis are perfect for me to switch it up. I’ve still probably got another week’s use out of this bar before I move on to the other 3 and I’ve been using it all over... face and body and I love the light scent and that I feel clean, clean, clean with no weird residue after!!

Soaps of your dream

These handmade soaps are so luxurious, they smell great and they’re beautiful! They actually seem to be lasting a bit longer too

Will definitely need more!

I got the skin so soothe and extra peppy as a gift for my husband along with the loofa. Needless to say - WE both have been using them! The smell is fantastic.
Just started using the skin so soothe one and you can truly feel the healing properties from the aroma alone.
Will definitely be buying more!


I love the bright citrus scent of this bar. It’s perfect to pep me up in the morning but relaxing enough for a long night shower. My favorite bar so far.

Pretty petals

I love the smooth rich lather I get from this bar. I actually used it to shave my legs and I got such a smooth shave with zero irritation. I love the little calendula petals floating in this!


I have terribly dry skin in the winter and after using this bar my legs weren’t itchy or flaky anymore and my skin felt nourished and smooth.